How to successfully promote an event? [VOL 1.]

02. November, 2022.
Promocija događaja

In the following blog post series, we will cover some of the best ways to promote your event. Let’s roll with VOL 1.!

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Event planning and organization are the main factors that influence the success of any event. We can say that event promotion is one of the most critical aspects of event organization. Planning also includes marketing planning, i.e. event marketing plan.

A marketing plan without a goal is like a sky without the stars. 🙂

To create a quality marketing plan, it must first of all be guided by well-set and defined goals. The ultimate (global) goals are most often the increase of income, increasing the visibility or image of the event, and meeting the needs of event visitors. The path to the mentioned ultimate goals is paved by defining smaller, supporting goals.

Marketing plan
Ticket price categories are always a good practice to encourage more purchases

How to achieve planned goals?

A prerequisite for achieving the planned goals is the following elements are properly placed:

  • Product/service
  • Price
  • Place/Positioning
  • Promotion

In this blog post, we will concentrate on the product/service, in this case – the event, and on the price of the product, i.e. the price of tickets for the event.

Is the customer willing to pay a defined ticket price considering what the event has to offer?

Each buyer will look at the ratio of invested and value received, but how do you even know if the price of the ticket is correctly defined? One of the ways to check this is by following the analytics in the Entrio event management panel. In other words, we will follow the law of numbers!

Through the administration of your event on Entrio, in the event organizational panel, the number of visitors to the event’s sales page and the number of purchased tickets are always visible. If it is a properly targeted audience, statistically speaking, the data will show that the ratio of the total number of visitors to tickets sold is usually somewhere around 10%.

If the percentage is significantly higher, we can say that it is a very successful sale of the event at the selected moment, and if the percentage is slightly lower, it can be a signal that something is wrong and that we need to adjust the event promotion activities.

Display of the number of visitors and tickets sold

The reasons for this can be:

  • Tickets price can be too high
  • Insufficient motivation to buy a ticket at a certain moment (planning the purchase for later)
  • Incorrect definition of the audience on traffic ads (the event is irrelevant to the targeted audience)
  • Quality of the event itself (what value the event offers)
  • Time component and competition (are there many similar events in the same period?)

How to increase the ratio of visitors who “land” on the page and the number of tickets sold?

  • Include ticket price categories (blind bird, early bird, regular, last call, etc.)
  • Announce ticket price increases promptly
  • Adjust ticket prices through special discounts and promo codes
  • Offer additional value with the purchase of a ticket (e.g. a free drink upon event arrival)
  • Use targeted advertising until ticket prices rise (reminders to potential buyers, retargeting)

What to do if the ratio of visitors to the sales page and purchased tickets is satisfactory?

  • Great! You are doing a very good job, continue what you have been doing (until you see a drop in sales, and for that, have the new promotional activities ready in advance)
  • Keep following the statistics with a watchful eye, see when the biggest jumps in sales were, and try to recreate them
  • Invest additional budget in the most successful ads that drive traffic to the event sales page

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Author: Zrinka Bockovac

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