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13. February, 2024.
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Tickets are important for sustainable operations of a theater or a sport club. If you wish to upgrade your ticketing services, Entrio has several big solutions in their arsenal.

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What do ticket buyers want? Whether it’s a visit to the theater or a match of their favorite club, every attendee desires a smooth experience when purchasing tickets.

Well-organized ticketing platform with quality in mind ensures easy seat reservations for the desired occasion, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty.

Are sales important to you? Do you want to enhance them for your local theater, cinema, or sports club? Do you aim for repeat visitors? Discover how Entrio can assist you.

Sports clubs thrive on ticket revenue, and the lungs of theaters and independent cinemas expand similarly.

No tickets, no event!

So why not ensure the best experience for yourself and your users?

Gatherings at theaters and sports venues have always been popular, and their popularity continues to grow

We live in an era of content hyperaccessibility and endless scrolling through screens in search of the next dopamine hit. Traditional forms of entertainment and events that offer a unique real-time experience, situated within the relevant context are highly valued. Especially alongside like-minded individuals. Offline and IRL (in real life).

This is precisely why theaters, sports halls, and stadiums are attractive places for gatherings and content consumption. They provide a sense of belonging to the modern user, a break from individualism, and a space for diverse experiences, whether it’s dressing up for an evening gown or donning a fan jersey!

A larger audience means greater challenges, and Entrio can help eliminate many of them.

The box office is now virtual, and tickets are everywhere

Are you selling tickets? Of course, you’ll have a box office according to your capabilities—a good old kiosk or counter where you physically sell tickets and answer questions. However, most of today’s audience, armed with powerful smartphones, prefers online purchases. Because everything is online.

Because everything is online – including you and us now. That’s why having the right digital partner is crucial. We firmly believe that partner is us.

Sports and theater. What do they have in common compared to other events in Entrio’s event offerings?

Sports and theater share a special relationship with entertainment and spectators, and that common factor is – seats! We can also include cinema in this group of events.

The end customer expects their seat, whether it’s a luxurious cinema armchair or a plastic seat in a sports hall. Whether you’ll be sitting or standing the whole time, you have your designated spot.

Entrio offers you:

One of the most advanced seat reservation systems, giving you continuous insight and control over your auditorium.
The ability to draw seating plans and provide visual representations to end users, making it easier for them to choose their desired tickets and giving you a sense of progress and occupancy.
We also ensure segmentation of the auditorium into sectors, allowing different pricing options for specific sections.
Visual seat/hall representation to facilitate ticket purchase for every customer.

Visual presentation of seating arrangements
Enable the audience to visualize their seats and simplify their selection process.

Do you have a loyal audience? Subscriptions and season tickets are an ideal way to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

Entrio provides a subscription system and seasonal tickets for clients who want this service. KK Zadar, one of Croatia’s largest basketball clubs, successfully utilizes this option through the Entrio system.
Seasonal tickets and subscription systems ensure financial security for organizers, as funds can be secured in advance, and desired locations are filled ahead of time.

For loyal customers, it’s convenient to secure their spot once and avoid going through the ticket purchase process before each event. This way, they also get their permanent, numbered seat, and entry is streamlined because there’s no need to search through a pile of emails to find their latest tickets. Seasonal tickets or subscription systems can attract both existing and new users, engaging them further.

Everything is digital, even in ticket sales; it’s all ones and zeros.

Digital ticketing agency
Matrix-style code, this time in Entrio magenta.

Tickets can be digital. Take the magenta pill and make your theater or sports club even stronger. The box office will always have its charm, but the days of paper tickets and stubs are over. With us, you can independently create events without waiting.

We provide technical support and are here to educate you about all our services—from the technical aspects to the conceptual ones. We also have applications for your smartphone, whether it’s Android or iPhone. If you want an extra layer of security and professionalism, we can offer scanner rentals. We guarantee data security for both yours and your users’ information.

We also have solutions for your on-site box office. Need ticket sales software? Printers, laptops, and forms? We’ve got all that and more. In addition to the mentioned Android and iOS apps, we offer a centralized reservation interface, access to statistics, and credit card payments.

We take care of your visibility on the platform, curate collections, and provide a special brand or location page.

Are you running a series of events that you want to highlight? We can create a featured collection that showcases all the desired events (like the “Laugh Out Loud” collection for stand-up shows). This collection will have a unique link, perfect for sharing on social media to increase visibility.

Beyond collections, we can also create a dedicated brand page or venue page if you have a specific fixed location with a permanent address.

Need timeslots for recurring events?

Do you have an event that repeats daily, perhaps multiple times a day, but you don’t want to create a new event for each performance? For example, a new film starring Margot Robbie or successful theater play reruns? Our diligent developers have designed a timeslot system. Here’s an example: timeslots for guided tours of the Rimac Automobili factory.

A simple overview of all the offered options in one place will allow your users to fit your offerings into their own schedules, and you’ll have a few less worries.

The audience is the one purchasing tickets. How do you reach them? Find out with our analytics and marketing.

Through our system, you can identify who your audience is and track relevant statistical data that will assist you in planning future events. Who are you addressing in your marketing communication? In which language? Where can you find your audience? With the Entrio system, you can get answers to these questions, and we can help clarify them for you if you’re feeling curious. And if you’re eager to make an impact, we also offer marketing packages that will push your message in the right direction.

And finally…

The Entrio team is constantly developing new features and improving existing ones. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss your needs.

Author: Franjo Opačak

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