Gear up with features you need

Entrio is a complete 360° solution for easy event management under a single roof. Start selling registrations in no time, track sales, use our reliable on-site services, or deliver virtual and hybrid events via our platform.

The easiest way to start selling registration fees for your event

Set up your event in 4 steps within less than 2 minutes.

Multi-level customizable registration form

Create registration forms that are a breeze to fill out because they can be customized at any level, based on your event structure or other important indicators.

Flexible promo codes system

Generate personalized promo codes for your attendees to have access to exclusive deals and special offers.

Fully branded event page

Take advantage of intuitive and dynamic design options for your event page and empower your attendees to effortlessly buy registration fees.

Worldwide accepted card payments and bank transfers

Make it possible for your attendees to pay easily and securely no matter what payment method they prefer. Including all standard payment methods and automated invoicing for worldwide bank transfers.

Reliable access control

Hosting thousands of attendees requires access control that is reliable. Ensure that everything goes smoothly with our on-site services.

Attendee search, check-in, insert and on-site edit

Edit on-site to make sure all the details are just right. Attendee search, check-in, and insert. We've got a system for that!

Quick name-badge and accreditation print

Let your attendees identify themselves with a quick, easy-to-print name badge with their conference credentials. Printing conference badges and accreditation on-site will save you time, hassle, and money.

Interactive welcome screens for personalized attendee greetings

Welcome your attendees with their names on the big screen! Interactive screens greet each attendee by name, making them feel special and excited for everything they have in store.

Interactive welcome screens at the conference

Multi-zone access control and session attendance tracking

Organize your next event with the help of multi-zone access control, and have an accurate count on how many people attended. Track when someone has left or reentered an area during one of the sessions so that everything stays under control and by security protocols.

Hand holding Entrio ticket scanner

Analyze and track sales, always be one step ahead

Fully integrated with Google Analytics, MailChimp, and 5 other popular systems.

Real-time sales analytics per registration type

Examine the number of registrations for each type, and quickly see which registration fees types are selling better. By looking at this data, it is easy to identify opportunities such as new or enhanced pricing models that might be successful in drawing attendees to your event next year.

Preview of the real-time sales analytics

Detailed traffic sources with conversion

It's time to get the full picture of what drives conversions! See detailed reports about the sources of traffic and conversion rates for your event.

Integration with organizer’s own Facebook and Google Analytics

Understand how your event is performing! Integrate Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and 5 other popular systems, segment your audience better, send the information your audience wants to see and raise the effectiveness of your marketing communication.

In-depth geo visualization of audience

Measure the size and location of your audience. An interactive visual representation of major regions will reveal more aspects about your audience demographics.

Mailchimp integration

Integrate a top email marketing tool that helps businesses around the world grow their customer base. With MailChimp's features, easily send emails to your customers at any time—and track how they interacted with your content.

Integrated messaging for communication with visitors

Audience age & gender analytics

Find out who your audience is, how old they are and which gender you should be marketing to. Use the latest technology so that you don't have to worry about anything else but what's important: converting visitors into event attendees!

Registration scanning statistics with zone-based charts

View scanning statistics in an interactive, zone-based chart. This makes it easy to track how many people are passing through your registration areas.

Entrio Virtual platform

Perform and engage with live audiences from anywhere in the world.

Laptop screen with lobby preview for an virtual event on Entrio hybrid events platform


  • Fully advanced virtual venue branding
  • Customizable virtual event technology including virtual lobbies
  • More personalized experience for attendees
  • Controlling every aspect of the event from one dashboard
  • More engaging and dynamic events
  • Hosting unlimited participants
  • Customizing the look and feel of the lobby to match your brand
Tablet and mobile screen with stage preview for an virtual event on Entrio hybrid events platform


  • Multiple virtual stages support with access control
  • Adding your own branding elements
  • Dashboard control for each stage
  • Access control to keep the stage private or public
  • Customization of the way you interact with attendees
Tablet screen with rooms preview for an virtual event on Entrio hybrid events platform


  • Breakout and other room variants
  • Adding interactive audience to the live program
  • Conducting virtual meetings
  • Immersive environment for workshops or presentations
Computer screen with exhibitor preview for an virtual event on Entrio hybrid events platform


  • More space to show off products
  • Increasing virtual space and exposure for exhibitors
  • Showcasing products and services in a new way
  • Getting companies in front of a global audience
Laptop screen with exhibitor placements preview for an virtual event on Entrio hybrid events platform


  • Branded sponsor corners
  • Having strong online presence in front of new audiences
  • Reaching new customers in different ways
  • Highlighting your VIPs and gold sponsors
Computer screen with schedule preview for an virtual event on Entrio hybrid events platform


  • Clean and customizable schedule forms
  • Giving your event attendees a more enjoyable experience
  • Creating a schedule that works for your event needs
  • Simplifying event planning process