Go Hybrid – it will pay off!

16. February, 2022.
Entrio Hybrid events solution

Would you like to organize a physical event with an additional virtual audience from anywhere around the world? Wait no more… Hybrid is the way to go!

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Would you like to organize a physical event with an additional virtual audience from anywhere around the world? Wait no more… Hybrid is the way to go!

Hybrid events are those that can take place both physically and online, giving your attendees the option of how they want to participate while the benefits of engaging with speakers, interacting with sponsors, and networking do not differ between the two groups.

Hybrid – best of both worlds

The Covid outbreak made us all adjust our daily routine in a variety of ways, the most significant being the way we interacted with each other. Throughout these challenging times, we’ve altered our interaction with others by conducting online meetings and organizing virtual events, businesswise. However, since it is sometimes hard to replace the tangible, physical component, hybrid events are highly likely to soon become the pattern. That is because this concept, which combines in-person and online participation, offers several features that make it the best of both worlds.

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Increased reach and greater attendance

With hybrid events, you may reach more people with physical and virtual audiences combined. An in-person event may have limitations in terms of the size of the venue and the number of people who can participate. However, you can reach a much broader audience online than in person going hybrid, thus maximizing the event’s capacity. Furthermore, this combination allows attendees who are for some reason unable to attend physically to participate virtually through an online platform, such as ours.

Reduced Event costs with Hybrid events

In-person events involve massive costs, and the more attendees, the greater the prices. By minimizing the number of in-person participants, hybrid events can lead to significant savings on travel, venue, catering, and other expenses. Nevertheless, costs for the virtual component of the event, such as the web platform, audio, and cameras required to stream the event to remote participants, must still be considered. Despite this, the virtual component will probably be less expensive than the in-person one. Joining online is greatly advantageous for your audiences as well, because all they need is a stable internet connection and they’re good to go!

Reduced Event costs with Hybrid events - analytics preview

Higher Audience Engagement

The addition of a virtual component to your event expands your audience engagement opportunities at the event and in the days and weeks thereafter. Virtual visitors can take part in the event using their smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. This allows them to post comments, ask questions, share, enjoy the content, and engage with other visitors. Participating in networking activities is typically done through an event app (which is completely customizable for all Entrio clients) that connects all event attendees, helping them communicate more easily.

Bigger Sponsorship Opportunities

For a variety of reasons mentioned above, hybrid events provide greater sponsorship opportunities with sponsors being able to participate in the event by putting up virtual event booths and giving presentations through video conferences. Additionally, a hybrid event allows you to have more sponsors than just those at the event venue. The number of sponsors in the Entrio virtual platform, for example, is practically unlimited, and their booths and content can be fully branded, too.

Screen capture of the Entrio virtual platform showing sponsorship opportunities and sponsor section

Massive Marketing Possibilities

Hybrid events’ engagement benefits also lead to major marketing potential. Marketers will be able to enjoy various benefits once they have determined their target audience for the event. First, their goal will be amplified in terms of individuals, which means they will be able to reach and impact a larger audience. They’ll have access to all the feedback, recordings, and statistics collected throughout the event. This also means they can examine the content and, if the results are satisfactory, use it to develop marketing campaigns for their future events.

Event Flexibility

Finally, if you’re planning an in-person event but your guests are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, hybrid events can help you save the day! For example, the Covid regulations have recently changed dramatically, making it incredibly impossible for participants to guarantee their attendance. This way you’ll always have a backup plan! For instance, the option of converting certain in-person guests into virtual participants eliminates the need to cancel the event as well as the concern about unexpected financial expenses.

Conclusion on hybrid events

With their sustainable, profitable, and accessible properties, hybrid events are likely to become the standard practice of the future. Easier access to data from in-person and remote attendees via surveys and pools, the ability to record and reuse your event’s content for different purposes, and providing security and safety for those attendees who are understandably concerned about Covid-19 and the restrictions imposed by their government are definitely something to be considered when organizing your next event. And rest assured that, if done right, it will pay off.

Author: Jaksa Besker

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