14. March, 2023.

Organizing an event? Check out some of the frequently asked questions by our event organizers.

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Creating an event on the Entrio platform is incredibly easy. Start selling tickets in 5 simple steps! Regardless, we believe that you may have some doubts and questions regarding the process itself. We are here to remove all the question marks over your head. Precisely for this reason, we wrote this blog. We will continuously update the blog by inserting answers to the questions that organizers ask us when creating the event.


Can I organize an event on Entrio and sell tickets/registration fees even though I don’t have a company?

Entrio sells tickets in the name and on behalf of the organizer, which means that it acts as an intermediary in ticket sales. We are legally obliged to transparently display information about the responsible organizer of each individual event, which in this case must be a legal entity. We are unable to make payments for the events held to the private accounts of citizens. For this reason, it is important that when creating a commercial event on Entrio, you have a company, trade, art organization or other legal form through which you will sell tickets.

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On Entrio, you can also create free events for which you do not charge tickets. In that case, you don’t have to have a company through which you will make sales.

What are my fees and charges for using the Entrio system?

Entrio, as an intermediary in the ticket sales, charges a commission for the ticket sale from the organizers of the event. The commission is calculated on the final, total realized gross turnover from the sale of tickets. Our initial commission is 8.5% + VAT, and it can vary depending on the number of events, the volume of cooperation and other factors. For more details, contact us!

What additional services can you provide to the organizers?

In addition to using the Entrio ticketing and registration system, Entrio provides a number of additional services.

  • Printing of promoter tickets
  • Branded ticket design (visuals, logos on tickets, etc.)
  • Production of branded bracelets (paper tyvek, plastic vinyl, RFID bracelets)
  • Cashless system
  • Creation of accreditations
  • Rental of a terminal for registration of participants at the location
  • Hiring staff to work at the cash desk, ticket scanning and access control
  • Digital event advertising

For more information on how we can help you with setting up your event, contact us!

What are the additional costs for customers who purchase tickets through the Entrio platform?

All ticket buyers on the Entrio platform pay a booking fee. During the process of buying tickets, the amount of the fee is transparently displayed to the customer. The booking fee covers a part of the cost incurred by Entrio in order to, as an intermediary in the sale of tickets, process the transaction quickly and securely, issue the ticket and allow visitors to enjoy the event. The ticketing fee is a non-refundable fee and covers the cost of Entrio customer support, maintenance of the server system, administrative work and other costs related to ticket issuance.

Entrio charges a fee for each ticket purchased online at www.entrio.com and at Entrio official sales points. From January 1st 2023. the fee is: EUR 1.00 (VAT included) for tickets with a price of up to EUR 19.99 and EUR 1.50 (VAT included) for tickets with a price of EUR 20.00 and more.

Do you have physical sales points?

Buyers can buy tickets for your event at more than 400 points of sale. See the entire list of physical sales points here.

What payment methods are available for my event?

Entrio offers different payment methods. In Croatia, online ticket purchase offers the possibility to pay with cards of all banks, through KeksPay and AirCash applications and cryptocurrencies.When buying tickets in Slovenia, buyers can pay with cards of all banks and Aircash app. In addition, in both Croatia and Slovenia, every organizer can include the possibility of payment by bank transfer in the offer of payment methods. This means that you will enable customers to automatically create and send offers by which the customer will make the payment at the bank.

At physical points of sale within the Entrio sales network, payment is possible only in cash.

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In which situations does the customer have the right to a refund for my event?

According to the Entrio terms of purchase, the customer has the right to a refund in situations where the event is canceled, when the date of the event has been changed (postponed event), or when there has been a key change in the program or location of the event.

Can I rent ticket scanners from you?

Of course! We are able to rent professional scanners for even faster scanning, as well as contract Entrio staff to scan tickets on the day of the event.

I want to sell tickets on the event location as well. Do you provide such a service?

Entrio provides the organizer with a service and the possibility of selling tickets at the location on the day of the event, in case the organizer does not want to or cannot do it independently. The box office rental service includes all Entrio equipment, access to ticket sales software, fiscalization, Entrio ticket sales forms and Entrio sales staff according to pre-arranged working hours. The organizer undertakes to provide internet access, electricity and a covered room for ticket sales at the location. For more information, contact us!

When will I receive payment from the event?

We make event calculations within 5-7 days after a successfully held event, provided that the event was not canceled or postponed (which led to refunds to customers). After receipt of the calculation by e-mail of the organizer, the payment will be made on the next working day. Our priority is the satisfaction of all participants in the business relationship, and for this reason it is important to us that this deadline is transparently communicated.

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The Bottom Line.

Simple and functional ticket sales on Entrio takes the burden of one large segment of event organization off the organizer’s back. Regardless of whether tickets are sold online or on-site, we continuously work to improve the process and the system itself. Our goal is to make it even more user-friendly for both customers and organizers. In case you have a question that we have not mentioned in this blog, we are at your disposal. Talk to you soon!

Author: Nina Vrdoljak

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